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From the earliest days of my life, I have known the price of defending land and family.Mt ancestors were the victims of wartime crimes for defending the family land in Ireland. Then next generation celebrated the achievements of a new thing called technology. The pride and sorrow of these men has always been a part of my life.

My Irish born father served in the Unites States Army during WWII guarding the German soldiers in Texas and helped to save a whole fleet of Pennsylvania made Jeeps during a hurricane at that base. Along with his two brothers and a son, serving the Army and Navy, the family took great pride in being of service to the United States of America.

Each of our family members has stood honorably and proudly to salute our friends and neighbors that are serving to keep our country and the people that live here safe while maintaining the life we have all known as free men and women.

We Thank You.

Donna Cole


By the Wayside Coffee

By the Wayside Coffee, is a military themed coffee truck serving in the Pittsburgh regional area, owned by Jaime and Abbey Dean from Wexford. We created the business to reach and support members of the military community over a cup of coffee.  It is an effort to expand the work and reach of some veteran non-profits in the area that we have been serving with for years.

Our mission is to bridge the military / civilian gap through the partnerships we have already established and connect veterans with supportive communities that they may need.  Members of the military community share unique stresses that military life can bring.  

It is our desire, to be a veteran support company from beginning to end. For that reason, we purchase our coffee beans from local veteran owned coffee roasters.

We give a tenth of our profits to support the veteran support organizations in which we partner, Operation Strong Mind is one of those partners.

We are a family of thirteen veterans and active military and appreciate the sacrifices and struggles that they face every day. We decided to operate out of a mobile vending unit was because it provided us the opportunity reach more people, meet them where they are and expand the work of our mission partners. Each one has a special way in which they reach and support our local veterans while educating civilians, so they too, can be supportive, informed communities, ready to serve those who have served us.

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