Community Ambassadors

These individuals can work intermittently to organize, plan, and conduct outreach to local military units, community based organizations, Veteran's Organizations and businesses to develop partnerships, plan events, and develop ongoing and sustained relationships with these entities.


Technology Volunteers

At this point we are looking for volunteers who have the technological skills to help with the website management and data entry.

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Board Members

Board Members will be responsible for the high level planning of Operation Strong Mind missions, objectives, and strategies to ensure a successful future.


Fundraising Volunteers

Fundraising volunteers will be responsible for reaching out to potential sponsors and organizations to receive donations, as well as planning fundraising events.

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Event Coordinator

Event coordinators will be responsible for planning fundraising events, trainings, and community events.


Clerical Support

Clerical supports hold various administrative tasks, puts data entries, assists with great applications, and compiles statistics



  • Possessing an open mind and willingness to learn and think a different way about the challenges faced by members of today's military community.

  • Ability to commit time to ongoing initiatives and activities.

  • A passion for wanting to help members of our military community.

  • A willingness to be part of building a new organization from the ground up.