On Military and Yoga

Maggie is a Gold Star Mother who understands military culture and offers free Yoga Classes to Veterans and their spouses. Yoga is good for you and it is natural. 

Maggie's website: http://www.yogaonmars.com/  

Check out  these excerpts from the Yoga Journal in 2018 about how the Military is using Yoga:

Part of the appeal: Experts familiar with the research suggest that yoga and mindfulness may actually be more cost effective and faster at promoting healing and preventing certain injuries than more-popular modalities such as surgery and prescription drugs. On a more grassroots level, active service members are tapping into the practice’s performance-enhancing and preventive benefits to make soldiers and operational staff more calm and resilient in the field—before shock, injury, or PTSD set in. In fact, efforts to embed yoga into every branch of the military have never been more aggressive.

To read more, here is the full article.

If that wasn't enough to get you interested, try reading this:

As an athlete, a military veteran, and Executive Director of the U.S. Department of Defense Explosives Safety Board, Thierry Chiapello discovered the potency of yoga as a way to manage pain from injuries and surgeries sustained while he served in the Marine Corps. Yoga dramatically improved his quality of life, so he trained to become an instructor and apprenticed with John Schumacher. Now a certified Iyengar teacher in addition to his role at DOD, Chiapello offers yoga to help those dealing with traumatic events or leading stressful lives. 

To read more, here is the full article.

Maggie and her staff will be treat you with respect and you will be challenged. Mental and Physical Self Care are vital components successful functioning in the civilian community.

So what are you waiting for?  

Tom Stokes